Challenges are overcome every day at Camp Korey. We see first-hand, in real-time, when these transformational experiences happen. It is a cherished gift. Carson’s story is one that resonates with every camper, volunteer, counselor, and family. At Camp, he has authored his own Book of Firsts from overcoming his fears at stage night by belting out one of the greatest renditions of Let it Go, to learning new camp dances, extending a friendly hand to first-time campers, to scaling the climbing wall. Carson redefines strength with every obstacle tackled with his grace, determination, and pure grit. Carson and his family thank his Seattle Children’s Hospital craniofacial pediatrician, Dr. Hing, for the introduction to Camp Korey, and in turn we thank Carson’s family for trusting us!

Strength from Within

Carson was born with Crouzon Syndrome, a craniofacial condition complicated by additional various medical challenges, but Carson is not defined by his condition. He is a leader. The encouragement that Camp Korey has instilled in him is felt throughout his family and friend groups. Carson is strong. Carson is empowered. Carson is confident.

The magic of Camp is that it not only gave Carson strength, but also his parents. Carson’s mom, Cristi shares, “We would tell parents that it might feel scary at first to consider having your child go to overnight summer camp, but that it’s such a wonderful experience for your child and whole family. Often, we as parents need to let go and let our kids spread their wings without us by their side all the time. Camp Korey’s staff is amazing. They ensure the safety and medical care of each child!”


When asking Carson about his Camp memories he beams about his experiences from fishing and food fights to meeting his good friends, Alex and Jack. But, his #1 Camp highlight was finding the courage to launch full throttle to the top of the climbing wall to ring the bell for the first time. The sky’s the limit for this star! Carson keeps his sights high as he strives to return the favor for younger children facing similar conditions as a future Camp Korey counselor. Carson’s parents recognize the gift of these experiences and believe “every child deserves to make summer camp memories, regardless of challenges, and Camp Korey makes this possible for so many kids and families. We are very lucky to have such an amazing organization right here in Washington State. Kids and families come from all over to attend Camp Korey because it’s a magical place.”

Because of You, We Found Us

“Just as Carson has gained confidence in himself through Camp Korey, as parents we have as well. It is often isolating and overwhelming raising a child with special needs. Connecting with other Camp Korey families has been a ray of light that we did not expect when first signing up for summer camp for our son. It is a wonderfully nurturing community of incredibly dedicated staff, volunteers, and board members. They all make the lives of our kids and families feel valued and special. Camp Korey is a magical place. It is hopeful and joyful. It’s humbling as parents knowing that people care so deeply.” – Cristi, Carson’s Mom

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Carson’s family thanks Camp Korey for giving parents the ability to share in wonderful family time with other families raising children with life-altering medical conditions. “It’s opened up our eyes of the experiences of other families, outside of the walls of Seattle Children’s Hospital. Often, we are so consumed with the medical part of our children’s needs, it’s nice to just have fun and watch our kids experience summer fun with other kids.”