By Erin Potocsnak

Camp Korey Development Intern

I’m so excited to be a part of the Camp Korey magic as a volunteer! My brother and I both have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, but we spent most of our childhoods not knowing why we were different or always getting injured doing basic things. I had a friend who had attended Camp Korey and invited me to come, but unfortunately, by that summer I would have been too old to attend. Seeing the amazing relationships built through Camp Korey, the transformational experiences kids go through, and the fun they can have in a completely inclusive environment makes me wish we would have been able to go when we were younger.

 I first heard about Camp Korey while I was working as a counselor for Camp Prov, an integrated summer day camp in Everett, WA serving children with special needs and their siblings. During my experience, I learned that several families attending Camp Prov also attend Camp Korey, and their families always raved about the programs. When I learned I needed to complete a human services internship for my major, I knew there was no better place for me to volunteer than Camp Korey.

After working with kids on the program side of camp, and transferring to a Human Services major, I decided to take a leap and volunteer on the development/marketing side of a non-profit. I knew I wanted to work with an amazing organization that impacts kids to the fullest. I found my spot: Camp Korey. I love that Camp Korey has programs for kids of all ages and provides year-round programs–not just the traditional summer camp–giving kids and families year-round support and building a community around them.

 Giving back through volunteering is very important to me. I spent five summers at Camp Prov, volunteering for two years and working for three. I volunteered in Providence’s Summer Highschool program and Providence Children’s Center, helping run group therapy classes for children. I loved it so much that I continued in the center after my summer for a year and a half. In 2018, I was a part of a local community-based scholarship pageant called Lake Stevens Miss Aquafest program, and together we volunteered thousands of hours with various organizations within Snohomish County.

If you see me around Camp Korey this summer, please say hello!