Camper to Camp Director

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By Brandon Mock, Camp Director (Cabin Life)

Taking on the role of a Camp Director at Camp Korey is a dream that has been in the making for me since I was young. I was diagnosed with cancer at age 11, and I felt the feelings of isolation, alienation, and the fear of the unknown that make the experience of illness so painful.

I’m bringing with me the memories of every camper who I’ve been privileged to work with and strive to ensure that my work as a Camp Director honors the bravery, courage, and determination that they carry with them at every moment.

Working alongside the rest of the incredible team at Camp Korey and my Co-Camp Director Kortney Smith (programs), I know that camp will continue to be a place dedicated to serving our campers and their parents, caregivers, siblings, and loved ones.

While I will be seen as loudly singing songs, getting messy during silly-o, and wearing ridiculous costumes, I humbly step into this capacity in the shadow of the many years of camp that taught me and guided me throughout my camp journey.

Going to camp was the space where I felt the most safe, loved, and seen for who I was outside of my illness and the impact of that is something that I still carry with me.

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The care that my counselors took to make sure that I felt seen as a whole human being, and the extra lengths my activity counselors went through to make sure that regardless of my abilities I could participate in all of the activities – produced in me a desire to create that same safe and inclusive space for everyone who comes to camp.

With that same goal, I enter into my position as a Camp Director at Camp Korey, focused on continuing to make camp a place where every child, regardless of their background, feels safe, cared for, and important.

Going to bed after a long day at camp is one of the moments I feel most grateful for. 

The privilege of waking up and getting to spend my day working alongside some of the most caring, empathetic, and compassionate human beings I’ve met in my life, and getting to see the joy across our campers’ faces is an immense honor that means more than I ever could have dreamed of.


I would like to sincerely thank every camper, caregiver, donor, and supporter of camp for the trust you place in me to care for these kids and to get to do the work I do. I would also like to thank every counselor I have had for believing in me, and for seeing something in me that encouraged me to pursue the beautiful work that we’re able to do.

It is truly the wonderful people who support camp that help grow the beauty of this mission, and it is that mission that I carry with me every day with such care to continue the legacy that Camp Korey was founded to preserve.