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Transporting the magic of Camp Korey to hospitals and medical community events

In-Hospital Programs

The Camp to You (CTY) outreach program is a beacon of joy, adventure, and fun for children and families navigating healthcare settings. Amidst the challenges of medical facilities, where isolation, stress, and uncertainty often prevail, CTY steps in with a mission to instill connection, growth, empowerment, and fun.

In collaboration with healthcare professionals, our dedicated staff and volunteers enhance and support existing programs, focusing on elevating the quality of life for families facing medical challenges. Available year-round, our Camp to You program is offered completely free of charge, firmly believing that the healing power of fun and laughter should be accessible to all.

Current Locations:

Seattle Children’s Hospital (Seattle, WA)
Ronald McDonald House (Seattle, WA)
Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital (Tacoma, WA)
Shriner’s Hospital for Children (Portland, OR)
Randall Children’s Hospital (Portland, OR)

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Camp to You Events

Camp to You supports our local medical community. If you are hosting a medical community event, you can request Camp to You activities. Our staff and volunteers will provide a variety of age and developmentally appropriate activities focused on fostering connections between families.

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Camper Care Packages

Our care packages are boxes of camp fun, designed specifically for your camper. The packages contain activities, toys, and mementos from camp. They can be delivered to your home, a hospital, or a clinic all year round.

Campers are eligible to receive a care package if they have attended a Camp Korey program and are experiencing a hardship such as a surgery, procedure, unexpected medical emergency, hospital stay, bedrest, loss of a loved one, or are in need of some extra warm fuzzies.

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Volunteer with Camp to You

Support Camp to You in your community! Volunteers make our camp programs possible.

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