Camp to You

Kid making rainbow art
Bringing Joy, Adventure, + fun

For kids that can’t make it to camp.

The Camp to You (CTY) outreach program is a beacon of joy, adventure, and fun for children and families navigating healthcare settings. Amidst the challenges of medical facilities, where isolation, stress, and uncertainty often prevail, CTY steps in with a mission to instill connection, growth, and empowerment.

In collaboration with healthcare professionals, our dedicated staff enhances and supports existing programs, focusing on elevating the quality of life for families facing medical challenges. Available year-round, our Camp to You program is offered completely free of charge, firmly believing that the healing power of fun and laughter should be accessible to all.


  • PLAYROOM VISITS: Structured activities for inpatient children and their siblings, fostering connections with peers in similar situations.
  • LOBBY VISITS: Less structured activities for patients awaiting medical care, transforming waiting times in emergency departments and infusion centers into moments of play and laughter.
  • BEDSIDE VISITS: Tailored activities conducted at the patient’s bedside, catering to those unable to join group activities in playrooms.
  • CRAFT KIT DROP OFFS: Themed kits with instructions and information about Camp Korey, delivered quarterly to support child life teams, ensuring entertainment around the clock.
  • CAMPER CARE PACKAGES: Dispatched to existing campers facing hardship, these packages reinforce that the community of camp extends beyond the campgrounds. Request a Care Package
  • BRING CTY TO YOUR EVENTS: Want to bring a Camp to You experience to your event? Provide the details and we’ll see what we can do!  Request CTY

Our CTY Partners include Seattle Children’s Hospital, Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, Shriner’s Children’s Hospital, Randall’s Children’s Hospital, and Ronald McDonald House Charities. Request CTY

Together, we strive to bring smiles, laughter, and a sense of normalcy to the lives of children and families in challenging circumstances.

Thank You to Our Program Sponsors