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Celebrating Lee’s Camp Journey

Camper Lee holds a special place in our hearts here at Camp Korey. He just embarked on his final experience as a camper, marking the end of an era as he aged out of our camp programs. But Lee didn’t just bid farewell; he left a lasting impression with a beautiful 28″x22″ artwork, a testament to all the moments your support made possible.

Lee’s connection to Camp Korey runs deep. Since his first summer with us in 2018 at the age of 13, he’s been a regular attendee, we’ve loved seeing him light up with joy seeing his camp friends and engaging in new experiences each time.

With his 18th birthday on the horizon, he decided to share the magic of camp with his dad, inviting him to join him for a weekend at Family Camp. It was a truly touching moment as Lee shared his love for camp, all the warm fuzzies he’s gathered throughout the years, and even discussed his future dreams of giving back as a volunteer.

You can make more stories like Lee’s possible by making a gift today to Spring into Summer Camp! The best part about it is your impact will be DOUBLED. An anonymous donor is matching every dollar donated to camp up to $100,000 through May 17th!

Double Your Impact Today

Double your camp impact!

A friend of camp was so excited about what’s in store for Summer Camp that they pledged to match every gift dollar for dollar up to our $100,000 goal, through May 17!

Now when making a gift that’s meaningful for you every $1 becomes $2 and every $50 becomes $100!

🌟 $5,000 can provide a full week of summer camp for two campers
🌟 $2,500 can offer a first-time camper a transformative week of camp
🌟 $1,000 can create a field of Silly Olympics fun
🌟 $500 can supply adaptive tools for fun in the pool
🌟 $250 can pay to fuel accessible pontoon boats for fishing
🌟 $100 can stock up on Arts & Crafts for endless creativity

And, it all comes together to prepare for an incredible summer where every program and activity is 100% adaptable and 100% free of charge for children and families!

Every moment at Camp Korey creates a sense of belonging for children living with life-altering medical conditions, and as we prepare for another summer of fun, we eagerly look forward to welcoming new campers to discover unique experiences, friendships, and joy.

Condition-specific summer camps make it possible for campers to make friends who truly understand what they go through day-to-day. And, together they are empowered to defy the boundaries of what they thought was possible because at Camp Korey their diagnosis doesn’t define who they are, or what they can do, it’s a place where they can “just be a kid.”

Double Your Impact Today

Your generosity and commitment have made a world of difference in the lives of these extraordinary kids. Thank you for transforming their summers into unforgettable adventures, filled with joy, friendship, and personal triumphs.