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Every child deserves the opportunity to “just be a kid,” and here at Camp Korey, we’re committed to making that a reality. That’s why our Family Weekends, Summer Camp sessions, Family Adventures, and retreats are 100% adaptable and 100% free of charge for campers and families.

Each year, Camp Korey brings joy, community, and new adventures to nearly 2,000 campers living with life-altering medical conditions and their parents, siblings, and caregivers. As a proud member of the SeriousFun 儿童网络, Camp Korey is more than a camp, it’s a place where challenges transform into triumphs, where the spirit of community and adventure thrives. Our programs not only bring smiles to the faces of our campers but also create a supportive network for families who are navigating life’s journey with resilience and hope.

Our dedicated medical care team ensures that Camp Korey’s medical center and pharmacy are 全天 24 小时值班 by pediatric, specialty-specific physicians, registered nurses, and medical volunteers while camp is in session.

We provide comprehensive, individualized medical care for each of our campers. Our medical team collaborates with each family to make certain that all elements of their child’s care are planned for. We ensure that campers receive their medications discreetly. This way, they can focus on having fun and enjoy a sense of medical independence. Parents and caregivers can rest assured that their children are safe and will receive any necessary medical care while at camp.

Camp Korey’s is uniquely qualified to serve 患有 90 多种严重医学诊断中的一种或多种的孩子 throughout the Pacific Northwest.


我们的目的是为 儿童交易 患有改变生活的医疗条件 和他们的家人, 完全免费。 Camp Korey 的基本支柱是安全、友谊、包容、公平和乐趣。


以表彰他们的勇气、力量和决心 孩子们生活 患有改变生活的医疗条件 和他们的家人 通过为他们提供有趣、安全的营地环境和专业医疗支持的转变体验。 

Goldbergs and campers

给予欢乐,冒险, 以及每个需要它的孩子的韧性。


我们了解这项工作是一个持续的过程,并致力于 JEDI(正义、公平、多样性和包容)实践,并遵循 SOAR(安全、外展、访问和尊重)模型,以更好地为我们整个营地社区服务。


Camp Korey 的土地确认书。


我们要承认,我们生活和工作的土地是 Coast Salish 人民的祖先家园。