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Camp Korey 为 7 至 17 岁的儿童提供针对特定条件的夏令营。这些营员将与其他营员一起度过他们的一周,与其他营员一起进行类似的医疗旅行。 They get to try new things, make friends, and build connections with other families.


Parents and caregivers can drop their camper off knowing they will experience a life-changing week filled with safe, adaptive, and intentional programming created with their camper in mind! Every time a camper enters the gates of Camp Korey, the entire family is gifted with the healing power of laughter, friendship, shared experiences, and, of course, fun!

  • June 30-July 3, General Condition Family Week
  • July 7–11, General Condition, Respiratory, Neuro
  • July 14–18, Transplant and Cardiac
  • July 21–25, Skeletal Dysplasia and Metabolic Bone Disorders
  • July 28–31, Sibling Week
  • August 4–8, RPM (Reconstructive Pelvic Medicine), DSD (Differences in Sex Development), and BE (Bladder Exstrophy)
  • August 11–15, SCD and Blood Disorders
  • August 18–21, General Condition Family Week