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Contributed by Paige Mackintosh, Volunteer Manager

4 Reasons to Volunteer at Camp Korey


There are many different reasons why people volunteer at Camp Korey. There is no “right” reason for every person, and that’s the beautiful thing about connecting to this inspiring community. Here are a few key reasons that I’ve heard from folks over the years that stand out as the most consistent and the most impactful.

    If there’s just one habit you can practice to help you find your purpose, it would be helping others. This is something that I was able to experience back in 2008 when I was just 17 years old – when I volunteered at Camp Korey for the first time. Fast-forward almost 14 years later, and now I get to help other people find their purpose through volunteering at Camp Korey. I’ve also had the privilege of seeing volunteers have a life-changing experience when volunteering at Camp, and in some instances, realizing their true calling (professionally). One person who just graduated college and was starting a business/tech job after the summer spent one session at Camp and decided to go back to school to study nursing.
    One of the main goals of Camp Korey is to make sure all our campers feel truly accepted and like they find real belonging. This is no different for each of our volunteers. One of the best perks of my job is seeing volunteers truly flourish at camp, especially when it’s their first time volunteering. You can tell from the positive and accepting nature of Camp Korey that they are able to be their true “camp self” (whatever that may be!).
    Another one of my favorite benefits of my position as a volunteer coordinator is seeing the new connections that volunteers can make. These are connections to campers, parents, seasonal staff, full-time staff, and other volunteers! As I mentioned, I started out as a volunteer myself, and many of my best friends are from when I volunteered and was on Summer Staff. The connections and friendships you make while at camp are truly amazing. It’s a place where you make life-long memories and life-long friendships!
  4. HEART
    After sharing all these reasons, I want you to know that, for me, the main point I want to get across, is that volunteering at Camp Korey fills your heart and can truly be life-changing and unforgettable. By discovering purpose, building belonging, and nurturing connections we know that our campers and volunteers find real meaning in their days.

Have questions about volunteering? Contact our Volunteer Manager, Paige Mackintosh at pmackintosh@campkorey.org.

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