Sign us up for a good knock-knock joke, a funny movie, a comic book, a dance party, or better yet … a Camp Korey performance! At Camp Korey, we know that laughter is the best medicine and that a good laugh improves our overall health with overwhelming psychological, physiological, and societal benefits. And the science supports why!


The Science

Laughter’s ability to diffuse stress is just one of the many reasons why it is a critical part of a child’s development. Having a sense of humor plays an important role in developing self-esteem, learning to problem solve, seeing things from another’s perspective, and social skills. Besides being associated with FUN, laughter provides a multitude of physiological benefits from improved sleep, digestion, and circulation to a strengthened immune system and an increase in smiling – which also triggers a part of our brain that boosts our mood!

A well-developed sense of humor helps children understand unconventional ideas and ways of thinking, learn to think out of the box, enjoy the playful parts of life, become happier and more optimistic, not take themselves too seriously, and be more spontaneous. At Camp Korey, we see this first-hand from stage night singalongs to watching a child splatter sauce on their volunteer medical physician in the messiest food fight imaginable! The exhilaration that comes with a hearty laugh liberates the mind, body, heart, and soul of people of all ages.

The Power of a Good Laugh

Since laughter boosts the mood of not only yourself but those around you, it is often contagious. When we hear others laughing, we start laughing as well! We share this moment and emotion with people around us. Laughter is quite powerful and, like Camp, the positive benefits impact the whole community. Laughter brings us together. Camp brings us together. And when blended, they make for one extraordinary experience.

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Our friends at Niagara Bottling and The Krusteaz Company understand the benefits of laughter for our campers with complex medical conditions. We thank our sponsors for their commitment to adding a dose of camp laughter to the prescription through our Prescription: Laughter & Learn to You event! Bringing the community together to share in the magic of Camp is 100% due to the support of our sponsors, donors, and community partners.