Summer Camp Registration is now OPEN!

Our Residential Summer Camp is open again for the whole family! Due to COVID-19 restrictions, and based off the recommendations from the CDC, our summer programming will continue to be “Family Pod- style.” Campers will need to have at least one adult accompany them throughout the program, but we welcome family pods up to 6 immediate members! Please take some time to chat with your loved ones about whether our “Family Pod-Style” program will be a good fit for your family.

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Summer Camp Schedule

Session 1: June 19-23

Craniofacial, Burn, Ear/Nose/Throat & Dermatology

Session 2: June 26-30

Turner Syndrome, Neurofibromatosis, Neurologic Conditions, & Endocrinology

Session 3: July 3-7

General Conditions

Session 4: July 10-14

General Conditions

Session 5: July 17-21

Differences in Sex Development, Reconstructive Pelvic Medicine & Urologic Conditions

Session 6: July 24-28

Sickle Cell

Session 7: July 31-August 4

Skeletal Dysplasia & Metabolic Bone Disorders

Session 8: August 7-11

Irritable Bowel Disease

This summer, we will be hosting condition-specific programming open to your whole family (up to 6 members) in a safe, intentional, and fun environment.  Each family member will have the opportunity to join in the fun right alongside their camper and experience what camp is truly about.

Families will eat, sleep, and do some activities within their own family pod, and, in socially distanced program areas, join other family pods for even more fun! The program schedule is full of opportunities to spend time growing as a family, participating in activities, and making connections to those with similar journeys.


Applying for a program at Camp Korey does not ensure enrollment. All applications will first be reviewed by our Admissions Team to determine eligibility. Family eligibility for our Residential Summer Camp requires that the primary camper must:

  • Be between the ages of 7 to 17 years old and have an eligible diagnosis or condition being served during the program.
  • Have a legal guardian or caregiver accompany them for the entire program
  • Bring the entire family! (up to 6 immediate family members) Most of our programming is designed for children ages 7-17. For families with children under 7 years old, please reach out to our Admissions Team to chat about what your experience may look like. 🙂

As always, all our programs with Camp Korey are at no cost to the family. To register, or ask a question about our programs, please reach out to our Admissions Team at or call 360-416-4113.

Camp Korey uses the software “CampSite” to make the application process easier for campers and families. (For questions about CampSite’s privacy and security, please visit this link.) All necessary forms and information can be accessed and edited by creating an account for your family.

Click here to access CampSite:


Safety First! Camp Korey’s COVID-19 Commitment

The Camp Korey Medical Team continues to monitor both state and local orders regarding COVID-19. The safety of our community is our #1 priority. Keeping Camp Korey safe will require your commitment to safety measures. This includes always wearing your mask, social distancing, participating in proactive health screenings, and following our sanitization/cleaning protocols before, during, and after each program. Please be aware that camp offerings are contingent on several factors and camp programming could be cancelled at any time.

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